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Update (ver. 1.­0.­1.­0) PE rilasciato 2005.01.18.

File scaricato 0 volte ed stato visto 4469 volte.

Categoria Camere digitali
Marchio HP
Dispositivo Photosmart 300
Sistema operativo Windows XP
Versione 1.­0.­1.­0
File dimensione 311 Kb
File tipo PE
Rilasciato 2005.01.18
Trova & Scarica

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Update for HP Photosmart 300 Digital Camera Type: Update This patch will resolve an Instant Share Application error on Windows XP systems that have Service Pack 2 installed.­ Once the file is downloaded,­ double-click the file,­ and it will automatically decompress and execute.­ It will place the patch files in the C:TempISPatch directory.­ Once the update has been installed,­ the C:TempISPatch directory can safely be deleted.­

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