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HP Photosmart R607 (ver. 2.­01.­11) INSTALLSHIELD rilasciato 2005.05.12.

File scaricato 2 volte ed stato visto 4639 volte.

Categoria Camere digitali
Marchio HP
Dispositivo Photosmart R607
Sistema operativo Firmware
Versione 2.­01.­11
File dimensione 1.67 Mb
Rilasciato 2005.05.12
Trova & Scarica

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Firmware for HP Photosmart R607 This is an automatic firmware updater which requires the camera be set to Digital Camera mode in the USB setup menu and the HP Image Zone software be installed on your Windows PC.­ A memory card is not required to run the automatic firmware update software.­ If do not have the HP Image Zone software loaded,­ and would prefer not to load it,­ you should instead download the manual firmware update,­ col9312.­exe.­ However,­ it is important to note that an SD memory card is REQUIRED for the manual firmware update procedure.­ Before downloading this update,­ you should check the current firmware revision of your camera.­ To check the firmware revision,­ hold down the flash button while turning on the camera.­ If the firmware revision number is less than 2.­01.­11 (for example: 2.­01.­09),­ you should install this update.­ DO NOT install this update if you have either the "BMW Williams.­F1 Team" or the "Harajuku Lovers by Gwen" versions of the R607 camera! Version 2.­01.­11 firmware includes the following fixes: Improves TV display quality in slide show mode After you have finished downloading the file,­ The firmware updater will launch automatically.­ Please connect your R607 camera and follow the directions.­ If you are unable to connect the R607 camera at this time,­ you can cancel out of the firmware updater application.­ The Automatic Firmware Update tool will be saved in the "C:Program FilesR607FWUpdate" directory.­ You can execute the update at a later time by executing the "C:Program FilesR607FWUpdateUpdate607.­bat" file.­ Please closely follow any and all directions in the Automatic Updater or the firmware update will fail.­ You can run the updater more than once,­ however,­ until the firmware is updated.­ Compatible devices: L1833A,­ L1836A

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